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Thomas Giallonardo

Commercial Real Estate and Construction

About Thomas Giallonardo

A talented, experienced, and trusted entrepreneur, Thomas Giallonardo has been a staple in the Gulf South Region when it comes to all matters of commercial real estate and construction. As the founder of D’Argent Companies, Thomas has spent his life growing the business into a leader in commercial real estate and construction. 

For more than 35 years, D’Argent has been offering clients the experience and expertise necessary to best serve their commercial real estate and construction needs. With services that span the entire lifecycle of your project, Thomas and the team are able to meet high-quality standards while also providing unmatched service and innovative solutions. By being involved from start to finish, Thomas and the entire D’Argent team are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for their clients. 

Thomas Giallonardo built his career starting as a brick mason. Starting in his teenage years, Thomas operated throughout the New Orleans area, working for his father’s masonry company. After a few years of experience, Thomas’s first business venture was founding North Shore Masonry during the mid-80s, where he started getting involved in all aspects of the commercial real estate and construction industry. 

For nearly two decades, Thomas Giallonardo worked as a masonry contractor. During this time, he dreamed of building a future where he could expand his business endeavors and grow his service offerings. In the early 1990s, Tom completed his first successful turnkey real estate project in Southern Louisiana, and he never looked back. From there, Thomas’s business began to flourish as he grew it to include commercial real estate, construction, and build-to-suit developments. This growth created projects and opportunities outside of Louisiana and helped to make the D’Argent name nationally recognized. It is Thomas’s expertise in financial analysis that guides the company’s investments and redevelopment projects. 

For the last 15 years, Thomas has been working alongside his two sons at D’Argent, continuing the legacy of being family-owned and operated. His son, Thomas Giallonardo IV, serves as President of Construction, while Justin serves as D’Argent’s President of Real Estate. Thomas believes that, through hard work and with a loving family at your side, anything is possible. He carries this mentality into every project D’Argent undertakes and every interaction he has with clients. 

Thomas’s professional associates and colleagues have commended him for his skill in areas including commercial real estate, construction, venture capital, small business, real estate development, location intelligence, entrepreneurship, investment properties, due diligence, and accounting, just to name a few. 

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